Online Dating App Adventures

The clock read 4:48 a.m. and, despite my best efforts, I was awake. Snuggled in my warm blankets, I grabbed my phone and was scanning my online dating app. I had only recently conceded that if I ever was to ever have a date in my immediate future, an online app was my best chance. … Continue reading Online Dating App Adventures


When It’s Time to Move On

You've dated for several months. It's been a lot of fun. You've introduced him to your favorite hangouts. He's introduced you to his. You've laughed together, taken long walks, got to know each other's pets. His kisses make your knees weak. But something just isn't right. Maybe you've learned something about him that's a deal … Continue reading When It’s Time to Move On

The Cues

I've always believed love is not a big, grand gesture. It's not the proposal on the JumboTron nor the lip synch challenge that goes viral. It's those small, quiet, everyday gestures that melt your heart.It's how he walks in the door after work, drops his keys, briefcase and jacket to hug you tightly.It's how he … Continue reading The Cues