The Cues

I've always believed love is not a big, grand gesture. It's not the proposal on the JumboTron nor the lip synch challenge that goes viral. It's those small, quiet, everyday gestures that melt your heart.It's how he walks in the door after work, drops his keys, briefcase and jacket to hug you tightly.It's how he … Continue reading The Cues


Older and Wiser, But Never Invisible

I don't remember exactly when this picture was taken. My best guess is the spring of 1987, when I was 21. My frizzy permed '80s hair, toned arms and slender legs. Heavens, those legs. I was a wild child. Now, 31 years later, my hair is straight, and my body much, much rounder. I have surgical … Continue reading Older and Wiser, But Never Invisible